Mortgage Quotes

"Think Carefully before securing other debts against your home - Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage".

Mortgage Quotes

Mortgage Refinancing Calculator

Take a few minutes to complete this form and be amazed by how much you can save!!!

NOTE: This information does not contain all of the details you need to choose a mortgage refinance plan. Make sure that you read the separate key facts illustration before you make a decision.

Refinancing Calculator
Fill in details of all of your debts, then you will see exactly how much you could save! Amount
Outstanding /
Mortgage: £ £
Secured Loan/s: £ £
Credit Cards (Your monthly payment is usually calculated at 5% of the balance): £ £
Store Cards (This is usually a fixed monthly payment) : £ £
HP Agreements: £ £
Other: £ £
Total for consolidation / Old payments
Old Payment
Total New Advance / New payments: New Payment
Assumed new interest Rate: *subject to status
Total Monthly Savings*
Total Annual Savings*


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