Mortgage Quotes

"Think Carefully before securing other debts against your home - Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage".

Mortgage Quotes

Get Poor Credit Help - We can help to solve money worries

Let us show you how to get your finances back on track...

We are specialists in providing help for poor credit problems. Our Money Problems experts have helped thousands of people to have a fresh start and in most cases, we have reduced our client’s monthly payments by hundred's £'s....

Our aim is to help you to find the right solution to your finance problems....

Have the High street banks refused to help you with a mortgage or Loan because you have previous or current mortgage arrears, debt problems, CCJ's or just find it hard to prove your income...

We Can Help you...

Even if you have any or all of these...

  • Bad credit history -Have you been declined for a mortgage?
  • Poor credit rating - Have you been refused a mortgage or loan?
  • Employment status - Employed less than 6 Months
  • Mortgage arrears - Current or in the past
  • Repossession orders - Current or in the past
  • Eviction notices - Even if the notice is current
  • CCJ's - Whether they are paid off or not
  • IVA's - We can pay off your iva and save you money
  • Bankruptcy - Even if you are only just discharged
  • No proof of income - Employed / Self Employed - No Checks
  • Unusual Property Constructions - Including Commercial

Our aim is to remove your adverse credit Problems Quickly - Homeowners -We will help you with a fresh start and reduce your monthly payments to a level that you can afford...

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